Complete Guide To The Sims 4 Criminal Career 2023 - Mods Edit 2023 (2023)

What to know the ins and outs of the sims 4 Criminal Career, then this guide is for you.

The Sims 4 Criminal Career is one of the initial career options that will be available to you. While the pay at the beginning is extremely poor, it’s still fun to play and you’re able to work up to better payouts as you progress on to higher levels.

The main focus when choosing this career is mean and mischief interactions. The mischief skill allows your Sim to engage in deceitful toward other Sims, which can allow for an exciting way to play!

This career is a base game, career so doesn’t require any packs.

This Post Is All Aboutsims 4 Criminal Career

Criminal Career Unlocks (Before Branch)

By making your Sim a criminal, you’ll get three build mode items to use when working your way up to Level 5. A vintage baseball bat that can be displayed in your home to scare anyone that breaks in. A Duffel o’ Cash and Emblems of Espionage will also become available to you which can be placed on tables, shelves, and in your office.

Criminal Career Branches

At the start of your Sims 4 Criminal career, the jobs available are fairly standard. However, once you make it to Level 5 your options widen and you can select a career in the Oracle or Boss branches.

Oracle Branch

The Oracle branch is very interesting and relates to typical crimes that occur in the world today. Hacking is one of them which means your criminal must be well versed in working with computers and understand how to program. You’re able to download computer viruses and engage in other cybercrimes. Your character has to be skillful and cunning for you to perform well and succeed.

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You need to know which branch you want your Sim to work in before you decide to create them. Special qualities will be required. In the Oracle branch, this means knowing programming techniques that will involve your Sim having the Genius trait. With this option, you get access to the top computers in The Sims 4 and can earn cash for your work here. But in order for you to do so, you’ll need to make sure you carry out your work daily.


The Boss branch allows your player to become a crime boss, where you get to become involved in corruption such as theft, robbing banks, and killing other Sims. Other activities include being hurtful and becoming a nemesis towards other Sims, as well as other mean interactions in which you can engage in

If you take this branch you’ll get to receive a stolen ATM machine, which can then be displayed in your home for fun. You’ll also be able to get a stolen necklace which looks cool on a nice table. While a collection of gold bars will look presentable on one of your tables or shelves.

The final thing you’ll unlock and the only thing that you can actually use is a punching bag.

A Boss branch career relies mainly on skills such as Mischief and Handiness. You can work on this skill by either purchasing a woodworking table or fixing appliances around the house

You can earn more with the Boss career branch and there is less work required.

Criminal Career Levels

There are 10 Sims 4 Criminal career levels in total. Here are the different jobs you can choose from when working in each of them:

JobTough Gal or Guy
schedule Every Day 5PM-12AM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsPerform Mischief Interactions.
Reward for PromotionN/A
JobPetty Thief
schedule Mon-Sat, 8PM-3AM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsPerform Mischief Interactions. Level 2 Mischief
Reward for Promotion$465, Emblems of Espionage
JobRing Leader
schedule Tue-Sat, 8PM-4AM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsPerform Mischief Interactions. Level 3 Mischief Skill
Reward for Promotion$558, Duffle o’ Cash, Pick Pocket Interaction
JobMinor Crimelord
schedule Tue-Sat, 8PM-2AM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsPerform Mischief Interactions. Level 6 Mischief Skill
Reward for Promotion$804, New CAS Parts

Oracle Branch

JobDigi Thief
schedule Sun-Thu, 1AM-9AM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsHack or Make Viruses. Level 7 Mischief Skill, Level 2 Programming
Reward for Promotion$1148, Spy Satellite
JobElite Hacker
schedule Sun-Thu, 2AM-10AM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsHack or Make Viruses. Level 8 Mischief, Level 4 Programming
Reward for Promotion$1723, Hot & Cold Tech Spec Poster, Hack Mainframe (Computer Interaction)
JobAnonymous Ghost
schedule Sun-Tue, Thu, 1AM-10AM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsHack or Make Viruses. Level 9 Mischief, Level 6 Programming
Reward for Promotion$2929, The Indispensable
JobNet Demon
schedule Sun-Tue, Thu, 1AM-8AM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsHack or Make Viruses. Max Mischief (Level 10), Level 8 Programming
Reward for Promotion$4686
JobThe Oracle
schedule Sun-Tue, Fri, 12AM-7AM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsHack or Make Viruses. Go to Work!
Reward for Promotion$6560, Mayhem Portable Computer, New CAS Parts

Boss Branch

JobThe Muscle
schedule Wed, Fri-Sat, 10PM-4AM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsPerform Mean Interactions. Level 7 Mischief
Reward for Promotion$1148, Stolen ATM
JobGetaway Driver
schedule Wed, Sat, 8PM-3AM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsPerform Mean Interactions. Level 8 Mischief, Level 2 Handiness
Reward for Promotion$2201, Bars of Gold
JobSafe Cracker
schedule Sat-Sun, Wed, 6PM-1AM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsUpgrade Objects, level 9 Mischief, Level 4 Handiness
Reward for Promotion$4211, Stolen Necklace of the Late Duchess Pinky
JobThe Brains
schedule Sun-Mon, Thu, 6PM-1AM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsUpgrade Objects. Max Mischief (Level 10), Level 6 Handiness
Reward for Promotion$6699, Search for Bank Blueprints (Computer interaction)
JobThe Boss
schedule Sun-Mon, Wed-Thu, 5PM-12AM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsPerform Mean Interactions. Go to Work!
Reward for Promotion$8039, Fisticuffs Punching Bag, New CAS Parts

There’s a main focus on the Mischief skill throughout the opening five levels of the game. Be sure to make use of this skill early to allow you to have the best chance of progressing when playing the Sims 4 Criminal career. It’s not that difficult to obtain and start making use of the Mischief skill, which is great as it can be very beneficial for advancing your career. However, since it will make other Sims dislike you, it will be best to only use it on those that you don’t wish to share a positive relationship with.

You’ll also have the option to Troll the Forums when working online which you can make use of especially through the night when you’re alone and other Sims are present. Theft can help you boost your income for your Sims 4 Criminal career. Working as a Kleptomaniac will unlock your ability to steal and can be taken advantage of when your Mischief skill is high enough.

Aspirations for the Criminal Career

Public Enemy

You need to work hard to advance to Level 8 of the Criminal career for the Public Enemy trait to become available to your Sim. For you to get there you need to have enemies and fight with other Sims, be despised, and watch other Sims face their fate. So make sure if you choose the Boss branch that you are prepared to kill other Sims.

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Chief of Mischief

If you’re not ready to kill a Sim, the Chief of Mischief aspiration is a great alternative to choose. Here, you’ll get to carry out mischief interactions and improve your mischief skill while doing this like using a voodoo doll on other Sims which you can unlock by reaching Mischief Level 3.

Traits for the Criminal Career

Traits are what give your Sim personality in the game and they can have a huge impact on your experience and how much fun you have. They can also affect your Sim’s performance. Here are some traits you should choose if you want your sim to join the Criminal career:


Mean and Mischievous interactions are both available for this trait and when connecting with other Sims. Different Moodlets can be experienced with them: Happy when your Sim is enjoying being mean and Confident when fighting.


When your Sim has the Evil trait, they will take great pleasure in being mischiefs . They can perform actions that other Sims can’t and Evil is fairly similar to Mean in terms of how your Sim will experience Moodlets: Happy when other Sims are feeling low.

Dastardly (Bonus Trait)

Dastardly allows your Sim to build on both Mean and Evil, and becomes available when using the Public Enemy and Chief of Mischief aspirations. Using negative interactions enables you to better move towards achieving skills and goals. They will also make your Sim connect more with other Sims and feel low if they don’t perform well.


The Hot-headed trait can make your Sim turn nasty and is very valuable when working in the Boss branch. It makes it easier to create enemies and develop a rivalry with other Sims. Mean interactions are generally experienced more with the Hot-headed trait.


Sims with the Geek trait can gain Moodlets such as Happy when carrying out certain activities, like programming. This trait doesn’t appear to have any impact on the Sim’s Mischief level.


Genius traits work great for Evil Sims as they come with particular Moodlets, like Focus. In addition, it can also make your Sim’s character stronger and more committed to achieving Mischievous skills. Performance is often better and this can be reflected in your Sim’s mood.

How to Advance in your Career

For the first five skill levels, your skills and goals will be focused solely on the Mischief skill when you choose a Sims 4 Criminal career. You can then progress on to using other skills as you move on to higher.

To progress, you’ll have to maintain a good level of performance with the Mischief skill. So remember to stay mischievous and give other Sims a hard time regularly. Make sure to contact and engage with other Sims often by talking face-to-face, over the phone, and online. You can even attend public spaces and interact with them, such as bars, museums, and fitness facilities.

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For you to make use of mischief interactions, simply click on another Sim, select “More Choices,” and then “Mischievous”. After using the options regularly, it will show as one of the primary interactions in the list when you click on the other Sim.

Below you can find the main Mischievous interactions you can use when playing:

  1. Play tricks with a hand buzzer
  2. Talk about conspiracy theories with other Sims
  3. Ask female Sims who aren’t pregnant when their baby is due
  4. The Noxious Cloud interaction
  5. Slap ’em Silly

Your Mischief skills will develop and improve over time as you use interactions more, enabling you to reach higher skill levels and achieve goals.

What are your thoughts about the Criminal career option? Do you like the sound of it? I’d appreciate your feedback in your comments.

Sims 4 Criminal Career FAQ

What Skills Are Needed in the Criminal Career?

This will depend on the branch you choose. For example, the Oracle branch will require your Sim to be good at programming and hacking. Whereas the Boss branch will involve theft, bank jobs, and killing other Sims. One skill all branches have in common however is that you’ll need to consistently upgrade your Mischievous skill. Just make sure to continue to be involved in Mischievous interactions and ones that rely on making use of computers.

How Do You Level up in Your Criminal Career?

Continue to work on improving your skills and working towards your goals. Career cheats can also help you fast-track your Sims 4 Criminal career.

Can Criminal Sims Go to Jail?

Especially when moving up to higher levels, you improve your chances of getting caught and put in jail. During this time, you’ll not be able to watch your Sim as they will be “off-camera” while they serve their sentence.

Are There Still Burglars in the Sims 4?

If you’re a seasoned Sims player, you might remember burglars from the previous games. They can turn up at your home, break in and steal your stuff. Usually, burglars would break in when you were sleeping or not at home. But they are crafty and on occasion would still commit their crimes when you were at home during the day.

As of now, there are no burglars in the Sims 4. However, there has been talks of bringing them back

Can your sim Have more than one Jobs?

Your Sim can work two part-time jobs when they are older than a teenager. However, the career schedules must be able to align. There are five part-time jobs available in the based game and the island living pack adds three more jobs

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How to cheat in the sims 4 criminal career?

If you want to take the easy route. The first thing you need to do is press:

  • Ctrl+Shift+C for PC/Mac
  • All four shoulder buttons for Xbox One
  • R1+R2+L1+L2 for Console

Then type Testingcheats True and then press return/enter button

To be promoted in criminal career, players must enter the following cheat: careers.promote criminal you can keep typing this cheat until you reach the career level you’d like your sim to be at.

If you would like your sim level up certain skills, these are the cheats you need:

  • stats.set_skill_level Major_Mischief 10 (mischief)
  • stats.set_skill_level Major_handiness 10 (handiness)

NPC Sims In The Culinary Career

  • Jacques Villareal– The Brains
  • Nancy Landgraab– Minor Crimelord

This Post Was All About The Sims 4 Criminal Career

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