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How To Study Opponents In Sims 4

To Study Opponents in The Sims 4, players first have to have a career as an athlete, and then there are two methods to do this task.

There are a variety of careers inThe Sims 4. Some were already in the base game, likeAthleteandPainter. While others can only beaccessed by owning an Expansion Pack, likeInterior DecoratorandCritic. Additionally, thanks to theGet to Workpack, players can travel with their Sim and help complete their tasks while at work.

Everycareer requestsSimplayers to complete a certain taskthat will bring their Sim one step closer to promotion. Sometimes a single job can branch out into two different career paths, so players need to be careful with what they choose. Athlete, for instance, is divided into two options and only one of them contains theStudy Opponentstask. The following article explains where it can be found and how to complete it.

How To Study Opponents In The Sims 4

First, players need to have their Sim choose the Athlete Career from the careers list. They can either use the phone or any computer to do this step. On the phone, head to theWorkcategory (looks like a suitcase) then selectFind a Job.

A list of all the jobs that currently exist inThe Sims 4will appear. All that’s left to do is search for the Athlete Career and pick it. As for the computer, it’s pretty simple. Simmers need to click on it and select theCareeroption. After that, pickFind a Joband look for the desired job.

Upon selecting the Athlete career, players’ Sim will start working as aWaterpersonand their daily task will be toWork Out. After working for a while and completing the daily tasks, the Sim will get promoted.

When the fourth promotion is achieved, Simmers will be given two choices;BodybuilderandProfessional Athlete. To get the Study Opponents task, players have to pick the second choice.

Then,Simsplayers can Study Opponents in two methods. The first one is by using the computer:

  1. Head to any computer
  2. Choose theWeboption
  3. Select Study Opponents

The process takes about two hours (Sims time), so players need to make sure that their Sim’s needs are full. Additionally,the perfect mood for this task would beEnergized. An energy drink or a workout will surely get the Sim in the right mood. Another way would be to pick theActivetrait from theEmotionalcategory during Create A Sim (CAS).

As for the second technique, it’s by using the TV. Players only need topress on the TV and the Study Opponents option will appear. This method is more practical as Simmers can do other actions while watching TV. For example, a treadmill can be placed in front of a television, and the Sim can work out and Study Opponents at the same time.

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Athlete Career

An athlete requires physical strength, endurance and intelligence. Start a career where enthusiastic fans will shout your name, wear your jersey and remember your feats forever.

The Athlete Career is one of the most social jobs in The Sims 4. When your Sim is training they can socialize with people at home or better, make new friends if you go to the gym in your neighborhood. So max out your Fitness Skill that is needed for both theBodybuilder Branchand theProfessional Athlete Branchand skill up your Charisma

There are a lot of CAS (Create a Sim) Outfits as rewards you can obtain with this career path like theCheerleader Outfitor aLlama Costume! Collect a lot of Trophies too and show them off to your friends.

Daily Task: Work Out

There are a few ways to complete this daily task. Useworkout equipmentorgo for a jog. This is easy to complete because you will level up your Fitness Skill at the same time. Try to make your Sim Energized to speed up the proses to level up your Fitness Skill. When your Sims is Energized you can also click on the ground to do some push ups, stretch or do sit ups to complete this task.

Ideal Emotion: Energized

Try to take aBrisk Showerjust before you going to work to get the Energized moodlet. Energized also helps to speed up training your Fitness Skill. After you reach level 3 Fitness skill you canResearch Fitness Tipson the computer to get Energized.

Athlete Career

PositionDaily PayRequirements for PromotionRewards
Waterperson(1)§112• Work Out (daily task)N/A
Locker Room Attendant(2)§133• Level 2 Charisma
• Level 2 Fitness
• Work Out (daily task)
Object: Athlete’s Trophy Case
Team Mascot(3)§196• Level 3 Charisma
• Level 3 Fitness
• Work Out (daily task)
Clothing: Llama Mascot Costume
Dance Team Captain(4)§273• Level 4 Charisma
• Level 4 Fitness
• Work Out (daily task)
Clothing: Cheerleader Outfit

Bodybuilder Branch

As a master of muscle, you will partakes in a life of fitness, nutrition, and weight training. Train fellow Sims, show off feats of strength to adoring fans, and sculpt your body into the form of a god.

When you are climbing the ladder of the Bodybuilder Branch you don’t have to work a lot of hours but still get a great salary at the end. Try to make your Sims Confident before going to work so you can ‘Schmooze with Boss’ while on the job. This will boost your work performance.

Daily Task: Mentor Fitness

Go to the local gym in your neighborhood and help Sims to level up their Fitness Skill.

Ideal Emotion: Confident

Being Confident helps with your career performance,Brush Teethbefore going to work orPractice Speechin the mirror.

PositionDaily PayRequirements for PromotionRewards
Personal Trainer(5)§329• Level 5 Charisma
• Level 8 Fitness
• Mentor Fitness (daily task)
Interactions: No Sweat, No Fuss Rug, Mentor Fitness, Suggest Workout
Professional Bodybuilder(6)§399• Level 5 Charisma
• Level 9 Fitness
• Mentor Fitness (daily task)
Object: ZenXercise Weight Machine

Clothing: Weight Belt Outfit

Champion Bobybuilder(7)§595• Level 6 Charisma
• Level 10 Fitness
• Mentor Fitness (daily task)
Object: Jr. Solar System Trophy
Trainer to the Stars(8)§894• Level 7 Charisma
• Level 10 Fitness
• Mentor Fitness (daily task)
Object: Inspirational Mouse Poster

Clothing: Jumpsuit

Celebrity Bodybuilder(9)§1,674• Level 8 Charisma
• Level 10 Fitness
• Mentor Fitness (daily task)
Interaction: Offer to Pump Up
Ms./Mr. Solar System(10)§3,000N/AInteraction: Solar System Trophy

Professional Athlete Branch

Are you a physical specimen with the motor, ambition, and natural talent to compete with the best? Want to earn a living playing a game that you played as a child? Then a career as a Professional Athlete is for you! Live the lifestyle and entertain the masses with your athletic ability.

To get promoted in the Professional Athlete Branch is rather easy. Your Sims will get Energized from the daily task so you can level up your Fitness Skill faster. You will have to work 5 days but the salary is slightly higher after one week of work then the Bodybuilder Branch.

Daily Task: Study Opponents

Go on the web on your computer to Study Opponents. This will take around 2 hours and will get your Sim Energized for 4 hours when they completed the daily task.

Ideal Emotion: Energized

Try to take aBrisk Showerjust before you going to work to get the Energized moodlet. At this level you canResearch Fitness Tipson the computer orStudy Opponentsas the daily task to get Energized. Energized also helps to speed up training your Fitness Skill.

PositionDaily PayRequirements for PromotionRewards
Minor Leaguer(5)§357• Level 4 Charisma
• Level 5 Fitness
• Study Opponents (daily task)
Object: Sole Star Athletic Poster

Interaction: Discuss Sports Statistics

Interactions: Discuss Sports Statistics, Study Opponents

Clothing: Team Uniform

Rookie(6)§462• Level 4 Charisma
• Level 6 Fitness
• Study Opponents (daily task)
Clothing: Rookie Outfit
Starter(7)§602• Level 5 Charisma
• Level 8 Fitness
• Study Opponents (daily task)
Object: Llamacorns Team Photo
All-Star(8)§910• Level 6 Charisma
• Level 9 Fitness
• Study Opponents (daily task)
Object: All-Star Trophy
MVP(9)§1,452• Level 8 Charisma
• Level 10 Fitness
• Study Opponents (daily task)
Object: ZenXercise Treadmill
Hall of Famer(10)§1,998N/AObject: MVP Trophy
How To Study Opponents In Sims 4 - INFOLEARNERS (4)
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